Invisible sound

“The sea has no country, either, and belongs to whoever listens to it” (G. Verga)

I grew up on an island, and I remember when I was little I would watch the horizon and wonder what lay beyond, on the line where the sky meets the sea. I imagined that once that limit was surpassed, anything would be possible.

And so, the second chapter of my photographic “Invisible Sound”. Its images describe a feeling that reverberates like an echo inside me and always leads me to places where water flows.

When I am immersed in water, the frantic noises of the city disappear and gradually, I feel light.

My mind wanders and my thoughts roam freely, as if I were on another planet. I love the feeling of water on my body as it gently sways and regenerates me.

My aim was to capture, through photography, how it feels to live “isolated”, and how the sea can become either a limit or a resource.

The sea always takes on different forms: it is constantly moving; it becomes a confidant that collects and safeguards our stories, our secrets; within it, everything is transformed.

We spend most of our lives in its company.