“Those like me look ahead, even if their heart is always a few steps behind” (Alda Merini)

This is the final chapter of my story: Philophobia, the fear of falling in love and of love itself. Just as all little girls, I was brought up among fairy tales, of frogs to be kissed and of Prince Charmings. Yet princes fall from their horses and nobody will come in search of us, or to return the shoe we have accidentally lost.
I, too, had to learn to save myself. One morning, my Prince Charming was on his way out to buy cigarettes when he was most probably hit by a meteorite. He lost his senses, was abducted by aliens and never found his way back home.
I believe every person is unique in their own way. I do not believe in a universal concept of love, but in a love that takes on many forms. Although not all of us understand, and life must go on, when you wish to fly but have broken wings, it becomes truly difficult to start afresh.
I drew inspiration from my subconscious and used photography to portray my fears, my dreams and my expectations of love in a surrealist form.
I aimed to express the small (I would use SLIGHT battle) battle that is unleashed inside me each time, when I realize that my breathing becomes heavy and I feel torn between the desire to escape and appease anxiety, and the desire to stay and find out see (I would say: find out what could happen OR find out TO see what could happen) what could happen. With the spontaneity of being able to say, sooner or later: “You, stay!” (I would say: You, please stay!